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General and special group conditions

The general terms and conditions governing relations between travel agencies and their customers, in application of article 33 of decree no. 77-363 of March 28, 1977, were laid down by the inter-ministerial decree of June 14, 82. They are subject to modification in accordance with decree 94-940 of June 15, 94 (depending on the publication of the implementing decrees), issued in application of article 31 of law 92-945 of July 13, 92. Booking one of our trips presented in our annual catalog or submitted by quotation implies acceptance of these general sales conditions, as well as the special conditions set out below. Details of the articles of the law are available on request.



All Group* bookings are confirmed in writing by MONDORAMAS in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties, together with a copy of all our general and special terms and conditions. Reservations will only be confirmed once a deposit of 30% of the estimated invoice amount has been received, to be paid before the due date indicated in the agreement, and the balance paid in full no later than 15 days before departure (except for special destinations, formulas and periods). For all orders less than 30 days before departure, a deposit of 60% will be required. The list of participants must be submitted no later than 3 weeks before departure (except in special cases defined at the time of order). IMPORTANT: the number of single rooms per group must not exceed a maximum of 3 or 4. Any excess requires prior agreement on our part. Triple/quadruple rooms are available on request only, and 3rd/4th beds are often less comfortable extra beds. The MONDORAMAS driver's file (detailed program, vouchers, maps, etc.) is sent after receipt of the balance of the trip.

* Please note: a GROUP is defined as a group of at least 20 people traveling together on the same itinerary, with the same services for all. If this minimum number of 20 people is not reached, specific conditions apply, as these are special negotiated conditions.



Our all-inclusive prices have been calculated on the basis of the economic data and exchange rates in force at the time of the quotation request and/or at the date of publication of our annual GENERAL CATALOGUE. Any changes in exchange rates, economic data and periods such as bridge weekends, school vacations, carnivals, special celebrations, etc. may result in a price adjustment in accordance with current legislation. Prices in our annual catalog or in quotations are generally based on a minimum of 30 participants (except in special cases mentioned) and are net of commission. When calculating a "made-to-measure" rate, the price quoted is established on a basis given by the customer (20, 30, 40 or 50 p.). In the event of partial cancellation of the group, the price will be re-evaluated according to the services provided, and the allocation of free services may be modified.

Free admission is generally granted for 20 or 25 paying passengers (except in special cases, which are mentioned when the order is placed). The first one is usually for the driver.

Unless otherwise stated, rates are full board from dinner on the 1st day to breakfast on the last day, based on double occupancy. They do not include: tourist taxes in accommodation, drinks, certain entrance fees for visits (unless otherwise stated), any services not mentioned, insurance, visa fees, optional excursions/evenings, etc...

on special programs (holidays, bridges, etc.)
according to the conditions applied by some of our service providers (amusement parks, shows, special offers, etc.)
on air programs (scheduled flights, special flights, etc.) and on cruises, the special and cancellation conditions of the airlines and/or charter companies are also applied, and are given at the time of booking.


Cancellation fees for individuals in a group (excluding air/sea products) per person :

More than 30 days: €50 handling fee
From 30 to 15 days before departure: 25% of the total price of the trip
From 15 days to 3 days before departure: 75% of the total price of the trip
Less than 3 days before departure: 90% of the total price of the trip
On the day of departure: 100% of the total price of the trip
Special and particular conditions concerning the amount of cancellation fees may be agreed depending on the specificity of the destination and the group. Lastly, in certain cases we are obliged to apply the cancellation charges of certain of our service providers (details given when the order is placed).



None of our "coach" trips include assistance-repatriation-sickness-accident or cancellation insurance. An offer may be available under our "Assistance" contract.



MONDORAMAS guarantees the correct execution of reservations and services by dealing with suppliers carefully selected for their services and quality. However, MONDORAMAS cannot be held responsible for any failure on the part of one of these service providers and may, in order to provide the best possible service to its customers, replace a hotel or restaurant with another establishment of the same category. If, despite all our precautions, there are errors in our catalog (descriptions, programs, rates), this is an information document and we accept no responsibility for it. Please contact us before making any offer. MONDORAMAS formally reserves the right and may, in the event of force majeure (unforeseeable events and circumstances beyond its control), modify or reverse the program and price envisaged (itinerary, excursions, visits, etc.).

In order to be taken into consideration, any complaints concerning your travel conditions must be :

on the one hand, be presented to MONDORAMAS, but also directly on site to the service providers (hoteliers, restaurant owners, etc.) to try to find a possible immediate solution
on the other hand, be sent to MONDORAMAS as soon as possible and by registered letter within 8 days of the customer's return, and must reach us no later than 4 weeks after the return date of the trip.
All complaints and requests for partial reimbursement must be accompanied by a signed certificate from the service provider concerned, the driver or tour guide, and the customer.

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